Diego at Work


Diego Velázquez was born in 1969 in Los Angeles, California to Argentine parents. He began his art career at his father’s knee. His father is a professional painter and metal sculptor who studied art at Bellas Artes Art Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His mother is an accomplished pianist and dancer. As a result, Diego was raised to see the world in aesthetic ways, visually as a sculptor and acoustically as a musician. As a young boy he spent his days learning various musical instruments and learning to sculpt and paint in his father’s studio. He continued his artistic pursuits at every opportunity and later studied sculpture and music at Pasadena City College.

In 1990, Diego moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here he assisted his father in making metal sculpture, further perfecting his technical skill. He continued fabricating art, furniture, lighting, and architectural sheet metal for ten years before forming his own company, Santa Fe Metal Design , in 2000. He has also been a fixture in the annual Contemporary Hispanic Market in downtown Santa Fe.

Diego currently spends time in his metal shop fabricating metal lighting, furniture and sculpture. His work has an organic feel and is contemporary in nature. His most recent sculptural ventures are fabricated from bronze or steel. Some of these recent pieces incorporate light, a visible influence of his business that focuses on artistic light fixtures. Diego has won awards for his sculptures including the Industry Award 2007 for his piece “Twisted Heart” and the Metal Award from Contemporary Spanish Market 2004.


2007 Industry Award (for Twisted Heart, Sculptural Pursuit Magazine) 2004 Metal Award (Contemporary Spanish Market, Santa Fe, NM)

Statement from the Artist:

I was born to be an artist. Creating music and art is the most satisfying thing that I do. The realities of life recede and I live in just that creative space. People talk about finding their purpose in life and I believe this is mine.

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