Oculus Project–FINISHED

So, this project is in the rear-view mirror. A good part of the summer of 2015 was designing, engineering, and constructing some really beautiful and challenging work for Oculus. The Botwin Eye Group‘s newest branch at 125 W. Water Street in the heart of downtown Santa Fe is the ultimate fashion eyewear and eye care business.

Oculus/Botwin Eye Group-125 W. Water Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Oculus/Botwin Eye Group-125 W. Water Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico

For the outdoor signage, my wife, Amy Velázquez, adapted and revised all of the initial ideas to create a truly unique piece of art. Her idea to hang the sign from an “eyebrow” was a stroke of genius. After several iterations and approval from the City of Santa Fe, it was time to put the process in motion.

Assembly and patination of all the bronze work, bevels, and the electrical components took a few weeks but when all as said and done, I can honestly say there is nothing quite like it in Santa Fe or perhaps anywhere.

TREND Magazine’s Fall 2015 issue, includes a small spread of the interior of the business.

The same issue features a beautiful license plate tile wall that I created at a masterpiece Santa Fe home.

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